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    I am originally from San Jose California. I grew up in a family of 6 amongst a bunch of animals: dogs, cats, guinea pigs, a bearded dragon, hermit crabs, box turtles, and fish, just to name a few. I have been fascinated with musical theatre and performing through my family’s influence and support allowing me freedom to express myself. That freedom expanded my horizons with art; exposing me to dance, singing, acting.


    My parents allowed me to dress freely and be myself. This led me into styling and modeling later on in my college years. I graduated May of 2021 from Cal State University, Fullerton with my BFA in musical theatre. With my training, I hope to pursue my passions in TV and Film as well as Commercial Modeling. Musical Theatre is always something I love and am passionate to do, especially when it comes to dancing, so that is also on my list of goals. 


   Overall, I am excited at the possibility of working more and hope to get to know you in the near future :)

Who is Audrey Forrester

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